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Flanges & Fittings

Copper gaskets are the most common metal gasket, and will work in most vacuum applications. However, some process applications which are corrosive to copper may need a gasket of a different material such as aluminum, nickel, or silver-plated copper.

Metal seals can achieve higher vacuum and higher bake out temperatures, yet they are single-use items. Metal seals are usually designed for semi-permanent installation where the seal is not frequently replaced. Elastomer seals are replaceable and can be used in dynamic sealing environments where the seal must be opened and closed on a regular basis. There are many types of elastomer compounds to accommodate many different processes.

Chambers, Feedthroughs, Manipulation & Viewports

The CM-2 and CM-6 deposition monitors are both compatible with all 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows XP / Windows 7 / & Windows 8.

Nor-Cal engineers will work with you to reduce the cost of a custom-made chamber. Two easy methods to substantially reduce costs are:

  • Reduce the tolerances on the drawing. Tighter tolerances = more production time and higher cost. Simply changing the default tolerance values in your CAD program can reduce costs immediately.
  • Use standard components instead of custom-drawn parts. Standard off-the-shelf parts cost less. Working with standard fittings, tubing, elbows and diameters will reduce the amount of custom work required on a chamber.